Visual Recognition

Recognize every day objects and entities in real time

Deep Learning

Experience technology that’s closest to replicating the capabilities of human eye

Cross Platform

Get actionable insights on a platform of your choice

We combine the best of Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing to deliver actionable video and image insights to solve real world problems

Our innovative video analytics platform serves Smart Cities, Retail Automation, Security and Surveillance for both Government and private enterprises. We are based in Singapore with a research and development center in Bangalore India

AI on the edge

Get the power to understand when it matters


Edge computing reduces storage needs by 80%


Central Ai compute costs reduces by more than 60%


Reduce Latency for raising alerts

Simple Safe and Secure

When something happens in the real world, it’s reflected instantly

Unified Environment

A unified suit of secure apps to share insights across cloud and on-premises


Role-based self-service applications for collaborative insights & governance

Security Automation

Automated and secure data pipelines provide trusted insight at speed.

Actionable Insight

Make informed choices with confidence

From face-mapping, tracking and dispatch, to broadcasting alerts and up-to-the-millisecond real-time updates, keep everyone informed in real-time. When something happens in the real world, it’s reflected instantly. Broadcasting push notifications, tracking locations on a map, or changing alerts settings, real-time updates are key catalysts for improved safety & security.

We deliver up-to-the-millisecond updates with Nymo’s VeraSight Mobile solution. Add Realtime Dynamic Entity Alert Features including: Queue length, Crowd size, Accidents, Geofencing, Geo-hashing, Geo-Search, directions based alerts on entities including individual and vehicles. Users can build interactive and powerful cognitive alert conditions directly into VeraSight and start monitoring immediately.

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